This collection is a protest against the contradictions of the church about Christian chastity. Through the use of humor and metaphorical language, I have deconstructed five ideas in different illustrations.​​​​​​​
From the Christian perspective, chastity is related to the purity of the person. That is why in our society, people who do not follow this pattern of behavior are easily classified as dirty.​​​​​​​
Who has not ever metaphorically nailed a rosary for feeling guilty of enjoying their sexuality. In this illustration I express that feeling that most women in this society have ever felt.​​​​​​​
Does Christian chastity really work in ecclesiastical figures? More and more cases of pedophilia are coming to light around the church.​​​​​​​
It's a little disturbing to think that in the past, all the people of the same town confessed their darkest and possibly sexual sins to a priest.​​​​​​​
Who loves you well will not make you choose. Christianity says that you must abstain from your own sexuality in order to give your absolute love to God.​​​​​​​
Mock ups
Exhibition at BAU University​​​​​​​
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